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How to manage your time before the Easter break

How to manage your time before the Easter break


As a final year university student, Emily has had a lot of time to grasp time management and shares some tips about balancing full time university, work, and socialising with her friends!

Written by Emily Hollingworth

It seems like we are always chasing after more time. More time to spend with family, more time to finish assessments and more time to create memories.

University is your first step to learning time management.

While at university you must learn to time manage between your course content, lectures/ tutorials, socialising with friends, working, and having time to complete assessments.

See below some tips on how to prepare for your big Easter week!

Meal prep

To study and learn our bodies need energy. How we get that energy is through food.

I love to meal prep and honestly it doesn’t have to be that expensive!

My husband and I usually do a large grocery shop once a month, with a top up shop every two weeks for milk, bread, and fruit & vegetables.

Sundays are usually meal prep day in our household.

This is usually a bulk prep day which includes sorting produce and prepping meals for the week. We also make up snack packs for the week which includes cheese, some type of meat, fruit, and crackers.

Breakfast is usually on the go which usually means overnight oats, chia pudding or a smoothie and granola bar.

Get a diary or a calendar

I recommend printing off your subject outline and assigning a colour to each of your subjects.

For example, JST320 might be purple and LAW304 might be orange.

So, you might be thinking what is the point of the colours?

Well, when you are putting your assessments into your diary or calendar you will be able to colour code all those assessment tasks with that subject.

This also allows you to distinguish the different assessments and when they are due.

Bring your diary with you everywhere, because it means you can keep yourself organised when trying to find time to see friends and family over the Easter weekend.

Make time for people

This is one of the biggest tips I can give you. University is not just about individual learning, and it can at times feel extremely lonely.

So, make the time to go home and visit family, whether it be for the week or just a weekend trip.

Make sure you catch up with friends or even form a small study group. My friends and I used to do a pancake party which was something special.

We would make our way to a friend’s house with a few bottles of pancake mix and fresh fruit. We would then make a big pile of pancakes (through a lot of laughs as well) and just spend the night studying and creating memories.

A final note from Emily

I do hope these tips help you throughout the year and over this short break.

May you have a very happy Easter surrounded by friends, family and of course a lot of chocolate!

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