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Preparing for your final placement

Preparing for your final placement


Are you currently freaking out because you have no idea how to plan for placement?! Michelle provides you with a few things to consider before embarking on your final placement journey.

Written by Michelle Bradshaw

You can see the light at the end of your long study journey and you just have your final placement to complete!

So what’s important to know and do?

Here’s a few things to consider below.

Complete the requisite subjects

Some placements require you to have completed specific subjects first. You can check your handbook (the year that you commenced) or ask your faculty staff at Charles Sturt.

Get your documents in order

You might need ID (your birth certificate or passport) so you may want to organise this early.

You may need national checks like a police check, working with children check, or an NDIS worker check. Don’t do these until you need them, though, as they do have expiry dates.

Some placements will require vaccinations so check what you need and plan ahead to ensure they’re complete in time.

Prepare your finances

Will your income be impacted during your placement?

Think about how you’ll cover your regular expenses, as well as whether you’ll have any additional expenses like accommodation or fuel if you’re travelling away from home.

Apply for scholarships, bursaries and any other financial assistance you’re eligible for.

Update your resume

Your final placement, more so than previous placements, can connect you directly to post-study employment so make sure your resume reflects your new skills and knowledge.

Utilise the Charles Sturt University Career Portal tools and staff (accessed from the ‘Your Career’ tab in your Student Portal) to give yourself the best shot!

What do you want?

As this is your final placement, think about the skills and experience you need or would like to have by the time you graduate and consider how you might gain these.

Consider looking wider than your local community!

Although it can be tough relationally and financially, moving away from home for placement can lead to some amazing opportunities for you and your family.

Consider these practicalities.

Below are a few things to consider:

  • Who will you report to, both in your placement workplace and from Charles Sturt University?
  • What tasks will you be completing?
  • What time will you start and finish and what days will you be there?
  • Do you know how to get there, what public transport is available or where you should park?
  • How long will it take you to get there?
  • Is there a uniform or clothing requirement?
  • Where are the best places nearby to eat or get a good coffee?

Don’t forget your self-care!

Final placements are both the beginning step in your newly-qualified life, and the end of your student experience so set up some good habits.

Consider how you can do this from physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, recreational, mental, and environmental perspectives.

Finally, enjoy your placement.

It might not look the way you expect but make the most of this amazing opportunity and let it be a launch into the next phase!

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