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Be a part of the solution: National Student Safety Survey

Be a part of the solution: National Student Safety Survey


The National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) is back! Have you been randomly selected to participate?

Trigger warning: this article discusses experiences relating to sexual harassment and assault.  

As part of Charles Sturt’s ongoing commitment to fairer, safer and more respectful communities, the university is participating in the National Student Safety Survey (NSSS). 

This is an important survey researching student perceptions of safety at Australian universities and experiences relating to sexual harassment and assault. The results from this survey will be used to improve services, planning and policies to make universities across Australia safer for all students.  

Charles Sturt has partnered with the Social Research Centre (SRC), who will conduct the survey. Keep an eye on your inbox to see if you have been randomly selected to participate in the survey. The sample group will reflect the university’s diverse student body, considering factors like gender, year of study, residency and level of study. Participation is voluntary and responses will remain anonymous.

The survey will take approximately 10 to 12 minutes to complete. 

If you are selected to participate, you’re in a unique position to help prevent and address sexual violence in university communities – so please consider completing the survey. We can all play a role in promoting a fairer, safer and respectful world. No matter your circumstances, views or experiences, your participation will ensure the right questions are being asked.  

I didn’t receive the survey invite but would like to contribute to the survey 

Not all students will be selected to participate in the survey. But we want to give everyone the opportunity to share their story in their own words. 

The SRC wants to hear from those who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault or other unwanted sexual behaviour. It may be something that happened on-campus or off-campus; among university friends or staff; during participation in sporting clubs, student societies or other social gatherings; in student accommodation or on university fieldtrips or competitions. You can be either a current or recent (within the last 5 years) university student to take part.  

Sharing your experiences of what happened, how you were or were not supported, and what universities can do better, is important. Your experience will inform universities’ responses to student safety and wellbeing into the future. 

Share your story from the NSSS website from Monday 6 September 2021. 

Don’t worry, your responses will remain anonymous and will not be reported  

Please note the survey is not a reporting tool, and remember, all answers are kept anonymous and confidential.  

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual assault, harassment or any unwanted sexual behaviour please seek support. For information or support visit the university’s Subject Zero page. You can also get in touch with the Charles Sturt counsellors. Remember, you do not have to report an incident to access support.   

Thank you to all the students taking part in the survey. We also acknowledge victims and survivors of violence. You are the reason Charles Sturt is undertaking this important work. 

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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