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The Careers 101s: The Internship & Entry-Level Guide

The Careers 101s: The Internship & Entry-Level Guide

In the current climate, looking for internships can be a difficult and arduous task. On one hand, companies are struggling to ensure longevity and growth in uncertain times. On the other hand, businesses are looking for practical ways to increase their efficiency.

To keep up with changes there are more opportunities for entry-level and internships to be secured. While you are studying, internships are a great way to gain new skills, develop existing skills and build your professional network. What’s even better is you can complete internships in person or virtually!

Location, Location, Location!

With the current situation you may not want to be commuting or travelling long distances. There is a solution where you can complete your internship from the comfort of your own home! Virtually! The following platforms post internships and entry-level job opportunities.

Internships: InsideSherpa 

InsideSherpa offers students an experience program that is available from top companies such as Microsoft, BCG, ANZ and many more. You will be provided with the opportunity to work on tasks that replicate those that you may face within these organisations. After completing the program, you’ll be equipped with new skills and connections with organisations that you have completed your internship with.

Entry-Level: 2Hats

This is a unique platform that requires students to complete assessments. Once marked, you can gain access to companies and start-ups seeking entry level positions. Aimed at overcoming the experience gap that often isolates budding talented students, the platform presents students with opportunities to stand out from the rest based on their own skills and knowledge.

Finally, persistence is key. So, when you start your search for internships and entry-level positions, always take the opportunity to show off how amazing you are with unique experiences and different skills! Good luck in your search and don’t forget to reach out if you need help. You can check out the Careers and Skills Hub, which has great information and guides to help you take the next step!

Stay tuned for Part 3: Understanding the Industry & Career Landscape Guide.

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