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Incorporating Exercise into Student Life

Incorporating Exercise into Student Life

Exercise can be super fun but they always seem to be time consuming and difficult to commit to. While some thrive on doing an hour long workout in the morning all at once or a two hour workout in the evening, for a lot of us that’s just too big of a time slot.

Not to worry. There are lots of ways you can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine as a student and not have to drive to the gym, shower, change into fitness clothes, change out of fitness clothes etc. It all depends on what you are exercising for. If it is to be healthy then the suggestions below are definitely applicable. If you are trying to body build or lose weight however, these mightn’t work. Consult a doctor and do your own research before changing your activity routine.

Short Workouts Multiple Times

Instead of committing a long time to a gym session, try several five minute workouts throughout the day. There are plenty of 3 or 4 minute long cardio workouts, toning workouts and workouts targeting specific parts of the body. If you have 10 or 20 minutes to spare there is even more of an array of choices, dance workouts, boxing workouts, full body workouts and yoga workouts. Make these workouts your study breaks if you like or do them right before a meal.

Short Walks

Taking a 30 minute walk a day is no big deal. Do it after dinner or after work if you like. Take it light, it’s not a power walk but you’re still keeping your body active and burning calories. Listen to audio lectures or podcasts for study to multi-task or even bring your phone and you can monitor your social media or write work emails.


Dancing burns a lot of calories and is obviously heaps of fun. It doesn’t matter what moves you’re doing so long as you’re moving your body! Listening to music while doing chores is the best way to achieve fitness levels in my opinion. You end up finishing your chores in half the time and working up quite a sweat as well!

Workout While Studying

Toning exercises are easy to do while studying. You can hold a book while doing squats, lunges, even one arm bicep curls. Practise reciting your mnemonics while skipping or doing jumping jacks.

Let’s get moving! 

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