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Beat the Boredom Blues with These Activities

Beat the Boredom Blues with These Activities

You may have seen the hashtag stayhome across Instagram, from your service provider on your phone or as a reminder across the media. But, what do you do at home if you can’t go out except for a limited number of reasons?

The primary objective to any activity is to keep your mind active. This means setting tasks and goals for yourself so that you can stick to them. Here are some helpful suggestions to beat those boredom blues away.

Stay Social

With limited activities to do with other people, turn to social media as a means to staying in touch. Facetime is a good way to virtually interact with friends and family.

If by any instance that your friends and family are on different schedules there are a number of community groups online that you can chat with people. This can range from online games, language communities, Facebook and YouTube. The goal is to find one that suits your interests. The aim is to try to stay social as much as possible as it is beneficial in creating a positive mindset and can enrich daily life experiences.


This is the time to catch up on all the reading you have been putting off during term. For those avid book buyers, it’s now time to become the avid reader with all of this spare time you have now. If you are wanting to do some reading but have read all the books you currently own, then there are libraries offering books online for you. Our very own CSU library has some books that are available to be read online or you can purchase ebooks from places such as Amazon, Audible or Google/Apple online bookstores.


Art is an important part to daily life. Art is everywhere, sometimes unbeknownst to us and at other times readily absorbed at museums and art galleries. However, with the lockdown underway and many art institutions closing until further notice access to art is very limited.

With new technologies, museums are innovating to the current situation by offering virtual tours and virtual visits for users. Visit the Vatican City with a guided tour for free from the comfort of your own home or if you would like to explore renaissance sculptures and portraits, go on a virtual tour of the Musei Vaticani, also known as the Pope’s Museums. Explore history and learn about the lives of the past. 

Escape Rooms

If you love escape rooms here is one that you do not want to miss. The Harry Potter Unofficial Escape Room has been created by Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, PA. Operated through google forms this activity shows a creative way in utilising programs that can be fun and imaginative. See if you can solve the puzzles and escape the room without the help of magic.

There are many activities that you can do that will keep you occupied during this time. It is important to remember to keep your mind active and engaged which will help ward off any potential boredom! 

Stay safe and take care. 

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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