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How to survive morning classes

How to survive morning classes

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The early bird gets the worm! Waking up early in the morning is not everyone’s favourite thing to do. But the truth is, getting things done in the morning, especially if you have already gone to your classes makes us feel more productive and satisfied about our day.

So if you are struggling to get out of bed to go to those all important classes, here is some advice to get your through those mornings.

Sleep early

Go to sleep early the night before. One of the worst experiences is having to function knowing and feeling that you didn’t get enough sleep. Consistent lack of sleep, in the long-term can also affect your health.

Listen to music

Sing out loud and pump up your spirits! Sing your sleepiness away and make yourself happy. Listening to music and singing out loud can lift your mood!

A to do list

Write a to do list for the next day. Prepare everything that you will need the night before so that it’s an easier and more efficient transaction for you the next day.

A good quality breakfast

An extra boost! And you won’t have to worry about the sound alarms coming from your tummy reminding you and everyone else around you that you have not yet eaten.

But make sure it is nutritious food. That will keep you full and energised as the morning goes on.

Have a shower

Some people prefer to shower the night before to “save time” but it may be better to actually do it in the morning. Not only will this wake you up but you will feel cleaner and more fresh for the day!

Set an alarm

Most important, make sure that you actually wake up! Set an alarm or alarms for the next day to wake you up!

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