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Cultivating Creativity

Cultivating Creativity

by Mary Appleby

Creativity is not something that usually comes to mind when you think of study or university.

However, it can be the key to maintaining motivation and being successful in your studies.

We all begin each session the same; setting goals to do our best, contribute to most discussions in the classroom, revise all our learning and start assessments well before the due date. However for some, interest starts waning and determination fizzles around the third or fourth week.

By striking a balance between your study load and making time to procrastinate (yes, procrastinate!), you can allow yourself the opportunity to maintain your interest and motivation within your subjects.

It may sound too good to be true, right? Well, cultivating your creativity may seem challenging under the sometimes stressful expectations of your studies, but it is achievable and it does lend itself to a more sustainable outlook for your motivation.

With a little calculated procrastination and allowance for enjoyment, you can transform your trajectory and succeed.

By doing the things that you enjoy, from binging TV shows and movies, reading or going to the gym and exercising, you can allow yourself the opportunity to refresh, become inspired and return to your studies renewed and engaged.

This of course isn’t a free pass to flake on your course or give up on assignments, but a way of ensuring you retain some balance within your life and sustain a steady level of motivation.

By indulging some of your interests and taking time out to immerse yourself in life beyond study, you can unlock one of the many paths of success at uni.

The next time you feel that swell of guilt for watching TV when you could be studying, remind yourself that balance is important and we all need a break sometimes.

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