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How to survive living on campus over summer

How to survive living on campus over summer

Living on campus during the uni year is undoubtedly a whirlwind of emotions and at the end, you will find yourself having made the best friendship groups.

In Summer School however, the uni life will be very different as there are not as many students living on campus.

However, remember to use this to your advantage – see it as an opportunity to bond with new students from other residences and boost your social networking!

Here’s some tips on how to survive the summer-campus life:

Get study done in a quiet environment

While living on campus during summer, you’ll get to see the uni in a different light with less people.

If you have some days with lots of uni work to do, this is a blessing! With not as many distractions or temptations to go out and socialise, use the quiet environment of summer dorm as motivation to get work done.

Head to the library

It can get hot over summer in the dorms depending on where you live, so head to the library for some cool air.

As the library won’t be as overrun with students, you will have primary access to all the resources you need and will maximise your results.

Stay busy

Living on campus during summer can make you feel homesick – especially at this festive time of year. Try to focus on the positives of being independent and away from home while making wonderful connections with new people.

Remember to stay busy and to do things for yourself. Going away with a group of uni friends for the weekend is a great way to renew your perspective and can give you that motivation you need to keep studying.

Get to know your surrounding area better

If you stay on campus for summer, go out and explore. You’ll have heaps of time to get to really know your campus city, which will only make you appreciate it more.

So many students never take the time to explore beyond the short walk across campus but by staying over summer, you’ll be able to discover all the hidden gems off the beaten student path.

Prepare yourself for the next academic year

Although you’ve just spent a year studying, your professors will no doubt have recommended reading to kick-start the new academic term.

You can get a head start on the course material for the next year which will make your life a whole lot easier when deadline season rolls around.

It might not seem like the most fun way to spend your summer but it sure will maximise your chances of scoring excellent grades.

Embrace ‘me-time’

When the studying dies down and some of your friends leave campus, you have plenty of time to just be yourself.

Take time to master that musical instrument, pick up a new hobby or simply take time to understand yourself better.

Semester time is usually too hectic to really invest time in yourself and working or going on a holiday will likely to distract you from your goals. Sometimes you just need a bit of peace and quiet to help you focus on yourself.

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