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Five things to remember on International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

Five things to remember on International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating

Thinking of paying someone to do your assignment? It’s just not worth the risk!

It’s International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating today, Wednesday 16 October 2019. So take some time today to learn more about why contract cheating is a trap.

Here are five things to help you #ExcelWithIntegrity:

1. Understand what contact cheating is so you can avoid the trap

Contract cheating is when a student pays to have someone else complete an assessment for them and passes the work off as their own.

There are many websites out there that promise to write that assignment for you. In the end, using these services puts your qualification at risk and compromises your academic integrity.

2. Get organised early and ask for help if you need it

Most of us don’t set out to cheat. But running out of time to complete an assignment, or feeling as if you will fail if you attempt it, can motivate some students to look for help in the wrong places.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to get organised early. Do the prep work and map out what you need to do and when.

If you do run into a problem – reach out! There are plenty of people willing to help. Talk to your lecturers or an Academic Skills advisor.

3. Be a savvy student

Learn to be a savvy student and know how to identify a reliable source of information.

If you Google an essay topic, contract cheating sites can pop up as part of the search results. Contract cheating sites will often promise to “show you the answer”. They will be poorly written and will ask for all your personal details!

If you are looking for academic sources, the Charles Sturt Library allows you to access more than 100 journal databases for free.

4. Protect yourself and your degree

Often assignment writing services have a second income stream – blackmailing students. “Pay us, or we will tell the uni you’re a cheat!”  Protect yourself and just don’t deal with them. Don’t give them any of your details!

If this has happened to you, talk to someone at the uni and get help. It’s just not worth the risk. Help #DefeatTheCheat and get the most out of your degree!

5. Complete the course

Charles Sturt offers students a free Academic Integrity at CSU course as part of your enrolment. The course explains the university’s Academic Integrity Policy, expectations and the support services available to help you meet your academic obligations.

If you haven’t completed it yet, find out more about the free Academic Integrity at CSU course.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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