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6 ways to soak up the heat before it goes

6 ways to soak up the heat before it goes

It’s that weird time of year where you’re never sure how to dress for the day. So, here’s how you can make the most of these last sunny days before they disappear on you!

1. Moon-lit walk

With the moon coming up earlier in the evening, grab a friend and enjoy a quiet weeknight walk in your neighborhood. Soak up the warm night air and get some exercise in before it’s too cold to move a muscle.

2. One last beach trip

Take a break and get yourself to the nearest beach for one last summer adventure. Gather a road trip crew and keep it cheap by splitting costs for driving, food and accommodation, if needed.

3. Glamp it up

Even if you’re not the camping type, try out some backyard glamping. With music, cushions and fancy refreshments, it is the perfect way to spend a late summer weekend.

4. Star gazing picnic

You could do this almost anywhere but a little research can point you to those special spots that will elevate the whole experience. Blanket, drinks and the classic cheese, crackers and fruit combo is all you need for a cozy, starry evening.

5. Summer jams

Make a summer playlist to study to. While you might be holed up in the library ploughing through readings instead of cruising on vacation, you can at least channel the summer vibes into your productivity.

6. Just keep swimming

Scope out the pool facilities in your area (Wagga has an excellent pool on campus) and build a daily swim to your routine. Swimming is the perfect form of exercise and is a great energy booster if you know you lose focus in the post-lunch period.

So, leave your phone at home and get yourself outdoors before winter arrives at your door!

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