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Have you had an adventure these holidays?

Have you had an adventure these holidays?

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As students, we have a lot of opportunities to get out and about during our long summer breaks! Even though the couch is so comfy and the pizza tastes so good, its sometimes nice to explore amongst nature. Everyone loves a hike or a sunset beach walk and it always makes a good Instagram post, am I right? Well let’s shake things up a bit this year!

Have you heard of Geocaching? It’s basically the adult version of running around the backyard, looking for buried treasure. All geocaches have a GPS signal and our job is to find it using a GPS Navigator app. There are geocaches hidden all around the world and its a great way to explore new places in your local area.

Right now, there are many avid Geocaching adventurers and here’s why:

  • Fun factor. It’s fun, engaging and something that you can do with your mates!
  • Travel and explore. It actually requires you to discover beautiful forests, cute cafes and old buildings which you may never have visited.
  • Meet the team. You will often find a logbook with the geocache, containing names and notes from previous adventurers, add something fun to be found in generations to come.
  • Love a challenge. Some geocaches are quite challenging, involving riddles and booby traps set by the Placer, so tread carefully!

If you live in a rural area, you might not have many geocaches hidden close to you. Not to worry! You can easily become a Placer.

If you like DIY projects or building some nifty containers to hide a log book in, then you’ll love hiding geocaches. You hide the geocache and enter its exact co-ordinates on the Geocaching Australia site. Some Placers put clues and riddles in their geocaches to help you find their other ones. Be creative!

This is a perfect activity for students in particular because you can get away from the books and computer to take a break outdoors. It gives you a chance to combine your inner Sherlock Holmes with your adventurous spirit, and either spend time with friends and family or do it on your own.

So, grab your phone, some muesli bars, a bottle of water and get searching! Watch out for muggles (those non-geocachers who might stumble across caches or witness you finding them) and yes, they stole that from Harry Potter.

Good luck fellow students!

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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