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Haven’t enrolled yet? Here’s what you can do

Haven’t enrolled yet? Here’s what you can do

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Not sure how to enrol or haven’t decided what to do this session? Then here’s what you can do!

Here are our tips to help you get on top of your enrolment for 2019 now:

Choose your subjects

You might have to pick a major, minor and elective subjects for your course. You may have a lot of options, so the best way to narrow down your selections is by checking your course handbook. You’ll find the recommended enrolment structure, how many electives you can pick and when you can choose a major.

If you have questions or need more information, get in touch with your course director.

Manage your finances

The money for each subject does add up, though there are ways to afford everything you need to complete your degree. Here’s how:

  1. Place your subject fees on to your HECs debt, which allows you to pay it off gradually once you are earning enough money.
  2. Apply for scholarships to assist with your course, accommodation, work placements and more.
  3. Make a financial plan or get financial support to take control of your money, track spending and know what costs to expect.

Factor in your life commitments

It can be tricky to study full-time and fit in work, family and life. If you enrol now, you’ll be in a better position to fit studies in with your life.

You have these enrolment options to help balance study with life:

  • Study part-time.
  • Take fewer subjects per session.
  • Take a leave of absence for a session or year of study.
  • Withdraw from a subject before Census date.

Once you enrol, you’ll also be able to view your timetable or residential school calendars, so you can plan around your class and study times.

Plan for workplace learning

If one of your upcoming subjects involves workplace learning, contact your subject coordinator or course director to ask them about the best way forward to arrange it in a suitable time for you. Then, enrol in that subject in the correct session.

Boost your study skills

Some subjects may be more difficult than others. Don’t let the workload or effort required intimidate you – there is plenty of support available to help you do your best.

Brush up on your study skills now with Study Link or ALLaN, and talk to your subject coordinator about how to prepare.

Get motivated again

It happens to us all – sometimes we don’t get the results or feedback we hope for in a session. Don’t let it lower your confidence to continue studying.

2019 is a new chapter and it is important to stay positive and motivated. Don’t feel ashamed to get some tips from Student Counselling about how to stay motivated to study again. Or, chat with your course director or lecturers about your progress and how you can bounce back!

You can always enrol now and if things don’t go to plan, delete subjects from your enrolment before Census date.

Recognise changes in your life

If something has changed in your life, whether it’s family, health or work, think about what you can do to find balance in your studies. Look into changing your study mode (such as switching to online or on-campus) or reduce how many subjects you’ll study this year. You can also take a break from your studies, then return when you’re ready.

Add your subjects now

So, what are you waiting for? Stop delaying your enrolment and add your subjects now!

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