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Boost your future career over summer!

Boost your future career over summer!

Here are five things you can do this summer break to fast-track your career and boost the skills you need.

#1 Update your resume

It is important to regularly update your resume, even if you’re only part-way through your degree.

During your degree, your skills and knowledge expands – especially if you’ve had a casual job, volunteer role or completed workplace learning. A regular resume review ensures you don’t forget these skills and achievements, plus your document will only need a quick update when opportunities arise (rather than an urgent overhaul).

Updating your resume will also help you identify any skill gaps, so you can work towards filling these before you graduate. Visit the career portal for expert resume tips.

#2 Find a casual job or volunteer

Finding a casual job or volunteering is a great way to build skills and gain experience. Even if the role is unrelated to your future career, you will gain important communication, teamwork, time-management and problem-solving skills that employers are looking for.

Volunteering is particularly sought after by graduate recruiters, so now is a great time to support your favourite cause, without the pressure of study and uni life.

#3 Build your network

It’s never too early to start building the network that may help you find your dream job. Start talking to friends, family and other connections you make during study, sport or social events about your course and future career.

Look into becoming a student member of professional associations in your chosen industry and create a LinkedIn profile. Once you’re set up on LinkedIn, start following industry experts and organisations to seek out relevant connections, such as CSU alumni.

#4 Research workplace learning opportunities

Make sure you are aware of any compulsory workplace learning for your course in 2019 and start organising now! Review what is required for your placement and start researching potential host organisations. You may need to plan details such as travel, accommodation and other costs, so start contacting organisations before Session 1 begins.

If your course doesn’t have compulsory placements, consider Voluntary Workplace Learning. We can help you with insurance and paperwork!

#5 Sign up for Earn As You Learn

If you’re studying on campus in Bathurst, Port Macquarie or Wagga Wagga, you can join the free Earn As You Learn program that helps you get job-ready.  You’ll attend an intensive workshop to help you get started and get access to customised resources, including an appointment with a Career Development Officer. You’ll also get the chance to connect with local employers. Register here!

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