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Ways to use your mid-session break

Ways to use your mid-session break

Final edits on assessments, constant stress and cramming – perfectly describes what the end of term looks like for any CSU student. But it is all worth it for that GLOURIOUS mid-semester break.

I would be lying if I didn’t spend the first couples of days sleeping in, watching Netflix’s and literally loving doing nothing. But soon enough the feeling of being unproductive takes over and being on-campus can start to get lonely.  Here are some great ways to utilise your break:

1.      Get away from campus –

A change of environment can be refreshing and awesome for your mental health. Travel home to visit loved ones. Or if you have a few extra dollars, try something new like hitting the ski slopes in the snowy mountains. Perisher and Thredbo mountain are perfect for a weekend away, or even New Zealand if you can! There is also beautiful weather on the South Coast, Gold Coast and my favourite beach, Avoca in the Central Coast. This is a cheap getaway and the perfect escape from the cold CSU campuses!

2.      Make some extra money –

Mid-semester is the perfect opportunity to save money, which takes the stress off for the rest of Uni. Semester 2 is jam packed with social events across all CSU campuses, from residential balls to sport presentations. While we look forward to them, they tend to burn a hole in wallets quickly. By taking a few extra shifts during this break, Session 2 will be more enjoyable.

3.      Get a head start –

Throughout the break, results from term one slowly get returned. Instead of dwelling on results, reflect and utilise some free time to make a start on reading sand deconstructing subjects for session two. It will take away unwanted stress and help you ace your final session!

4.      Set goals –

In addition to getting a head start, jot down a few key benchmarks you would like to reach for by the end of Uni. Your goals can be academic, social or personal! Aim for better grades, get involved in a sports team or join a clubs. 

5.      Volunteer – 

Finding a practical way to serve and contribute is a rewarding way to spend your free time. For Uni students this is the perfect way to develop your CV, putting you on-top when graduation comes around. Additionally, many of the courses offered at CSU require volunteering hours, first-year paramedics alone have to have a minimum of 90. Mid- semester is the perfect time to get on top of this, not to mention a pretty awesome thing to do.

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