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Have a break, do it right

Is it seriously the end of the first term already? Yes and if you think that the other terms aren’t going to go as quickly, then you’ve got another thing coming! Mid-session break is all about rest, recovery and a whole lot of preparation. Firstly...

Ways to use your mid-session break

Final edits on assessments, constant stress and cramming – perfectly describes what the end of term looks like for any CSU student. But it is all worth it for that GLOURIOUS mid-semester break. I would be lying if I didn’t spend the first...

students playing basketball

Four ways to make the most of the mid-session break

By Vicki Ruehmkorff For many, mid-session break means packing your things and going home for two weeks, for others it means a break from classes and the ability to stay home in comfort and pyjamas. Either way, the mid-session break gives us students...

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