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Four ways to make the most of the mid-session break

Four ways to make the most of the mid-session break

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By Vicki Ruehmkorff

For many, mid-session break means packing your things and going home for two weeks, for others it means a break from classes and the ability to stay home in comfort and pyjamas.

Either way, the mid-session break gives us students the ability to discover new things.  But what?

Here is a list of things for students to do, no matter what their situation is or where they are.

Explore the town

If you normally go home during the holidays, it might do you some good to bunk in with a friend who lives in town for a few days and explore your campus city.

If they’re a local, ask them to show you ropes and go online, seek out the town’s ‘what to do in….’ This will make you feel more at home with your surroundings.

Go camping

It’s a cheap way of having some fun with friends, while getting some vitamin D and fresh air.

Mid-session break is always good to spend your time having some fun so that you can get back into study for the second half of session.

There are always places to find for a good escape into the wilderness, not matter where you live.

You can either search online or go to your local tourist information centre to find the best camp sites.


Something that is often overlooked, reading gives you an escape into whatever novel you choose.

It’s great for keeping your mind active and alert during the break, however also gives it a sense of relaxation from your study.

Why not try a new genre you haven’t read before and mix things up a bit?

Pick up a new hobby

There is never a better time than during university to pick up a hobby or even a sport.

CSU has a number of clubs and sports to choose from.

If you aren’t a sports fan or there is not a club you like, why not try your hand at drawing or painting?

Knitting or crochet is fun as well as useful, and you can do it anywhere! Or perhaps you’d prefer to give video games or table top games a try, or try a new game you haven’t already.

Whatever you choose to do during your mid-session break, make sure you don’t spend all of it studying.

While the break is a great chance to catch up if you’ve fallen behind, or even get ahead on some reading, there’s nothing worse than going back to classes feeling drained and like you haven’t had a break.

The reason there is a mid-session break is to allow you to have a go at something new and refresh themselves for the last half of the session.

So go out and have some fun!

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