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Your annual wellness check-up is here

Your annual wellness check-up is here

Wellness and Wellbeing expo.
Wellness and Wellbeing expo. Image: OFS

Ever heard the expression ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’?

Head along to CSU’s Wellness and Wellbeing Expo, and you could be on track to becoming all of these things!

The Expos are running on all CSU campuses in March, and include great info, workshops and interactive stands to help you find out more about health and wellbeing at CSU and in your community.

If you’re studying on campus, drop by between classes to pick up some great tips. Online students are also welcome to come along if you live near a CSU campus. Many of CSU’s health and wellbeing services can be accessed online or by phone, as well as in person.

So, what’s in it for you?


We don’t often give our health much thought until something goes wrong. During the Expos, you can book in for a flu vaccine to prevent illness this winter. You can also get information about keeping active, looking after your mental health and addressing sexual health, drug and alcohol issues. Keep an eye out for any free fitness classes on your campus too!


Finances can be a big source of stress, so it’s worth checking in with stands from banks, superannuation funds or CSU’s Student Liaison Officer (Finance) to see whether you could be getting a better deal.

You’ll also find lots of freebies during the Expos. Need a new pen before you head to class, or a stress ball to strengthen your writing hand? We can almost guarantee you’ll be able to pick these up free during your campus event!


Knowledge is power, and if there’s one thing you’ll get in bucket loads during the Expos, this is it. Check out all the stalls and you’ll walk away armed with information to help you manage your time and your finances, tackle uni life more effectively, and look after yourself at the same time. It might all sound very grown-up, but bring along a bunch of friends and have some fun along the way.

For more information about when the Expo is coming to you and what exhibitors will be there, head to CSU’s Wellness and Wellbeing Expo website.

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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