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How to stay motivated towards the end of Session 3

How to stay motivated towards the end of Session 3

Two CSU students enjoying coffee whilst studying
How to stay motivated in Session 3. Image source: CSU Image

by Angus Morrissey

It’s late in the session and you’ve got a few weeks left – you’re drained and uninspired after spending so much of your summer inside already. So, how can you keep yourself motivated towards the end?

Stay positive

You may have three essays due next week, but it could be worse. Whenever that voice inside your head tells you to “give up” just imagine how you’re going to feel when it’s all over. If you put in the hard yards now you’ll get the rewards later.

Call someone important to you

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or upset this will help. A short chat over the phone to your Mum or best friend can make the world of difference, it gets all of your worries off your chest. If you’re really not coping, book an appointment with a CSU counsellor – they see a lot of students, so don’t be frightened.

Get outside and exercise

Breaking up periods of study with physical activity can help reduce anxiety and stress. While you’ll feel reinvigorated from the fresh air, your body will be energised by the exercise and will ‘wake up’ after all that time sitting still.

Organise study sessions with your friends

It’s no fun being locked in your room 24/7, especially when your brother is blasting loud music despite you pleading to him that you “have to study!” Therefore, go to the CSU library or a park and balance out both socialising and studying.

Get adequate sleep

Not sleeping sufficiently may lead to more work being completed in the short-term, but in the long-term your productivity will drop as your brain and body need rest. Ensure that you stick to a regular pattern of sleep so that you don’t feel sluggish and weighed down.

Deactivate your social media accounts

We’re all excessively glued to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and they can severely damage our productivity. Switching off for a number of hours or days will allow to you to work more constructively. Instead, you’ll be motivated not to check up on your friends’ latest statuses, but instead excel in your studies.

So, there you have it. Get over those end-of-session blues and stay motivated as the end of session draws near.

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