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10 ways to ensure your Summer is sorted

10 ways to ensure your Summer is sorted

Has your intense Uni schedule finally come to an end for another year? Are you at home twiddling your thumbs because you have no idea what to do with your time? Don’t waste another minute! We have 10 ways to keep you occupied this Summer!

1. Catch Up with Old Friends

Now that your home for the Summer, you’ve got no excuse! Catch up with your life-long friends from school, because let’s face it, you probably haven’t seen them since that catch up at your local, last Christmas Eve. So remember to Brunch a lot, laugh even more and cherish every moment. Oh, and don’t forget to capture it on Instagram!

2. Get into the Festive Spirit

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Surround yourself with the people who mean the most and enjoy the Christmas cheer. Eat Christmas ham until you explode, pop a bon-bon or ten, wear your Santa hat, eat some more, blast Christmas carols and in true Uni student fashion, leave all of your Christmas shopping to the last minute.

3. Bring in the New Year positively

Don’t be alone bringing in the New Year! Spend it with your family and friends watching the fire works, enjoying a BBQ by the pool or taking in the good vibes at Falls Music and Arts Festival in Byron Bay with your friends. Whatever you choose to do, surround yourself with positivity and kick start the year with an occasion to remember!

4. Travel and Explore the World

Take the plunge and Travel. Travelling and exploring the world is the best form of education one can have. Be inspired by different cultures, take risks and step out of your comfort zone!
Don’t stress about finances, there are plenty of ways to make it work on a low budget.

5. Find a Hobby

Spend time doing things you enjoy. Fancy yourself a creative? Write a summer blog sharing all of your experiences with the world. Love sport? Join a local sporting team and bring out your inner competitive self. Whatever your hobby might be, stick to it, you could reveal many hidden talents.

6. Learn Life Skills

Learn to cook – cooking is a beneficial skill to learn and when Uni is back in session, you’re on your own! Mum and Grandma won’t be there to show you how to roast your dinner to perfection or how to bake delicious chocolaty desserts. Learn from the best, ask your Mum or Gran to show you a few tricks of the trade.

7. Read a Book 

Grab your favourite read from the bookshelf and distance yourself from the real world for a day or two. Relaxation soothes the soul, and you’re on holidays – it’s a well deserved break.

8. Work to fund your Adventures

Unfortunately, not everything in life is free. You’re still going to want to earn money over Summer to fund your excitement. Retailers are always looking for Christmas casuals, so make the most of the opportunity.

9.  Save Money

**Insert sarcastic laugh here** How are you meant to save money if you complete all of the above? Well, chances are you won’t, but you would of had an amazing summer right?!

10. Prepare for Session 1 2016

Nobody wants to think about Uni  just yet, but at the end of Summer, you’ll probably be eager to get back into the swing of things. So make sure you’re prepared! Buy your pens, note pads, highlighters and take a sneak peak at your Session 1 subjects – log on to the Student Portal to find out more.

Challenge yourself! How many adventures can you embark on over the summer?


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