Future Moves is a partnership program within the CSU network, aiming to form strong partnerships with school students from low socio economic communities and encourage students to aspire to higher education. The program aims to introduce the notion of a career, raise awareness of options post school and communicate the benefits of higher education.

The program centers on activities run throughout the year by Future Moves Leaders who share their own experiences with school students and help motivate them to strive to be their best in the future.

As well as making a difference in the lives of children hoping to seek a bright future, as a Future Moves Leader your life will change for the better as well. As a Leader, the program is incredibly fulfilling, and many school students in the past have credited their Leaders for inspiring them to attend and complete a university degree.

It is a chance to help others develop – and develop your own communication skills, teamwork and problem solving skills that future employers will value for your future. So as well as giving back, developing your own skills and the flexibility of participating when you can – there really isn’t a hidden catch when you become a Future Moves Leader – it’s a great opportunity to get involved in the CSU community.

Why not give it a go? If you’re an open and sincere person, a great communicator, fun and enthusiastic, there really isn’t anything to lose!

For more information about the Future Moves program and how you can sign up to become a Future Moves Leader in 2015, visit the Future Moves website and check out the Future Moves Facebook page