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SSAF Funding: The Charlie Blog

As my time as Charlie Editor comes to an end, I look back upon Charlie and how SSAF Funding has allowed us to create the BEST uni blog yet! (Without being biased, of course.)

SSAF Funded Projects 2023

Ever wonder what that SSAF notice is on your Student Portal? Kate Armstrong tells us EXACTLY where our money is going, and how you can apply for funding with an awesome idea of your own.

Student Advocacy: Where does my SSAF payment go?

Written by Faith Hanstock At the beginning of each session, we get that dreaded ‘Total Amount Owing’ message on the Student Portal to pay off the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). But what exactly is SSAF and how does it benefit me? SSAF is...

Careers and Skills Hub: Where does my SSAF payment go?

Written by Faith Hanstock Paying off your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) before census is one thing, but if you’re like me; I send through the money and go ‘What on Earth is this payment going to help me with???’ SSAF is a compulsory fee...

How to write a winning SSAF Proposal

SSAF applications now open! Now is a great opportunity for you to put your idea on the table. To give your idea the best chance of success, here is a look at the anatomy of a proposal and what is needed for each section. A SSAF Student Initiative...

Row of dumbbells in Bathurst gym

Gym gets a revamp at Bathurst Campus

If you want to get fit, be social and save dollars all at the same time then CSU’s Bathurst Campus gym is the place for you. Thanks to Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) funding you now have access to longer opening hours and new equipment so...

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