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How to do Christmas on a uni budget

There is no denying that the most magical time of year is around the corner. However, as wonderful as Christmas is, the cost attached to this season can be daunting for us as Uni students on a low budget! So, to avoid an empty wallet this summer...

Shopping on a uni budget

Often, we spend money where we shouldn’t, right? Well here are my top tips on how to save, without dropping the shopping! Start saying ‘no’ It can be tricky to say to yourself, “No, you don’t need the Tim Tams,”...

dollar going into piggy bank

Saving strategies that could work for you

There’s no argument that the stereotype of a uni student being poor is usually quite accurate. Regardless of how we got ourselves into that particular financial predicament, we’re all pretty much in the same boat when it comes to money. Whether it’s...

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