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Shopping on a uni budget

Shopping on a uni budget

Often, we spend money where we shouldn’t, right? Well here are my top tips on how to save, without dropping the shopping!

Start saying ‘no’

It can be tricky to say to yourself, “No, you don’t need the Tim Tams,” but it’s time to start combating impulse purchases. If you’re an impulse buyer, you need:

  • Shopping lists. It will help you keep on track with what you ‘need’ and steer clear of what you ‘want.’
  • Enough cash. Tapping away a card can be quite deceptive when you’re tempted, so only take the amount of cash that will cover what you need or the budget you have set.

A false sense of hunger

There are two dangers with hunger that we often find ourselves victim to:

  1. Comfort food. Sometimes we start munching down on food stock when we are tired, bored or stressed, even when we’re not really hungry.
  2. Shopping hungry. Any time you shop on an empty stomach, you’re more inclined to spend on tasty food, rather than according to your shopping plan.

To combat these, drink plenty of water, eat before you shop and keep your mind occupied with anything other than food.

Slow down on going out

Catch-up’s don’t always need to involve food or spending money. Opt for cheap ideas such as staying in and watching a movie or going to a park. If food is a must, share a meal and the price!

Supermarket hunting

Here is a list of a few of the cheapest places you can purchase everyday things:

  • Aldi. Very cheap grocery items with the added bonus of weekly specials which differ from week to week.
  • The Reject Shop. Retail store with general household items and is great for snacks at a friendly price.
  • Kmart. Anywhere from clothes to nerf guns, Kmart has it all for the lowest prices (just watch how much you spend all up!)

Tips for saving more money:

  • Freezer based items. They are cheap and will keep for longer, meaning you spend less in the long-term.
  • Bargain over brand. Buy simple clothes if you’re running out or need replacements – Kmart may not be designer, but it’ll do the job.
  • Recycle. Re-use costumes for uni events. Modify an old one rather than buying a new outfit for every event.
  • Only shop when you need to. Avoid trips into town for unnecessary things, keep busy with your to-do tasks and only shop when you have allocated time for it.
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