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Parent and child at laptop

Planning online study when working and parenting

Online study can be perfect to fit around your other commitments such as work or parenting. But to be successful, it requires lots of planning and discipline, so if you are looking at returning to study while working and being a parent, read on for...

a group of people meeting with laptops

Find your tribe: Online groups to join at uni

Online study can feel pretty isolating at times. Unlike on-campus students, there isn’t really a physical place that you can go to congregate with your peers. However, there is a way to ‘find your tribe’ of like-minded students. To start off, find...

How I study with kids

I love studying online because of the flexibility it offers me. I live by the beach, can be on the road for work and study whenever it suits me. It’s also a great way to fit uni into raising kids. For those of us with little ones, study can be...

So your child is moving away for uni…?

As far as milestones go, having your child move away from the family home for study is pretty major. If your child is planning to study at CSU next year and you’re already feeling nervous about it all, then take a deep breath and read on for...

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