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How I study with kids

How I study with kids

I love studying online because of the flexibility it offers me. I live by the beach, can be on the road for work and study whenever it suits me. It’s also a great way to fit uni into raising kids. For those of us with little ones, study can be a huge challenge, so here are a few ways I have made this path more manageable:

#1 Take the time you have

In the past I would have thought half an hour isn’t long enough to achieve anything, now I know I need to use all the time I have got! Use short pockets of time to sort folders, download readings and begin assignments.

#2 Ask, beg, borrow and steal support

You cannot and should not do this alone. When help is offered take it! I also like to share care with other families, so that the cost of care is minimised.

#3 Make your kids part of your study space

I set up desks for my kids parallel to where I study to encourage them to draw or read next to me. It took a bit of getting used to but now we can hang out and get stuff done.

#4 Try to get ahead

I always try my best to get ahead with the view that things will go pear-shaped at some stage in the session. Kids get sick and need you without notice, so by making the effort to be one step ahead, you can make sure to stay on track with study.

#5 Be inspired

Kids inspire us to make a better world, to think outside the box and to be playful. Bounce off your child’s energy as a way to enjoy your study and see things differently!

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