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5 ways to save money this Christmas

The idea of buying Christmas presents can be both exciting and expensive - but it doesn't have to be! Megan Seis shares 5 ways you can buy Christmas gifts on a budget.

Sustainable Living: Do It From Home

We have looked at supporting wisely, i.e., spending your money locally and researching before you buy as part of living a happier and more sustainable life and now it is time for Part 2. We are now going to look at how you can grow and use things...

6 steps to sustainable style

Having an awesome wardrobe doesn’t require having lots of money to spend. The ever-growing sustainable fashion movement doesn’t have to be hard to achieve, you just need to be mindful of your consumption of clothes. To make sure...

Clothing racks

Clothes Hacks for Students

Sometimes you might be accident prone, unlucky with keeping clothes in good condition or just terribly clumsy. I possibly am all three… hence, I have put together this list for you all so that you can save a dollar or two but still mend that...

Easy grow-your-own herbs

Fresh herbs are delicious and expensive but what if I told you that you could grow your own little herbs at home. You will be saving money, recycling and living in a better environment in no time! Why herbs? Herbs have a lot of health benefits and...

Life hack: money saving

Everyone knows that students have very small budgets and a single dollar can go a long way for some of us. Here are hacks that I have used to save money on a daily basis: Loyalty cards: Most businesses have loyalty cards for customers that offer a...

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