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Easy grow-your-own herbs

Easy grow-your-own herbs

Fresh herbs are delicious and expensive but what if I told you that you could grow your own little herbs at home.

You will be saving money, recycling and living in a better environment in no time!

Why herbs?

Herbs have a lot of health benefits and add delicious flavoring to your favourite dishes or most basic recipes. Let’s have a look at three common herbs: 


It reduces inflammation and has antibacterial properties. It can be used in any tomato based recipe or pasta dish for extra flavouring.

Sprinkle some chopped leaves over your next cheese toastie! 


Mint can aid digestion, relieve heartburn and headaches, and is a source of numerous minerals and vitamins.

Mint leaves are easy to crush and add to water for a refreshing flavour, they can also be a tasty topping on yogurt or a nice addition to your next breakfast smoothie. 


It has many health benefits, including aiding hair growth, enhancing brain activity and cognitive functions, reducing stress, balancing hormones, helping skin conditions, curing coughs and treating cancer. 

Rosemary sprigs can be added to roast vegetables, soups or stir fries. A nice student budget friendly meal is fried onion, tomato and bacon with some rosemary sprinkled in, on some toast. 

How to: 

Get a container – don’t buy one, look through your bin! An old can or shampoo bottle, a plastic container, a chipped mug, anything will do!

Now put some pebbles or little rocks from your garden in the bottom of the container, fill with soil and purchase a little herb plant from a local nursery or get a cutting off a friend’s plant.

Make sure to keep it on a window ledge in the sun and water it enough but don’t over-water! If the soil is damp every second or third day, that’s perfect but if it is soggy or very dry then the plant will die. 

Growing your own herbs mean you can eat more of it and receive all the health benefits.

Plus, having plants indoors makes the air cleaner and less toxic which improves your living environment.

Happy herb hunting! 

This is an SSAF funded initiative
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