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Use Podcasts for Your Benefit

Podcasts have become a very useful platform for influencers and the news alike, however it can also be a tool for university students. Being audio, podcasts can be listened to pretty much anywhere, whether that be on your daily commute, in the...

Easy grow-your-own herbs

Fresh herbs are delicious and expensive but what if I told you that you could grow your own little herbs at home. You will be saving money, recycling and living in a better environment in no time! Why herbs? Herbs have a lot of health benefits and...

Time Saving Life Hacks for Students

Time Saving Life Hacks for Students

Do you wake up late and have to rush to class?  Are you always finding yourself getting to bed completely exhausted and much later than you’d planned?  Is a large part of your day taken up with procrastination?  If your answer yes to one or more of...

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