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Use Podcasts for Your Benefit

Use Podcasts for Your Benefit

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Podcasts have become a very useful platform for influencers and the news alike, however it can also be a tool for university students.

Being audio, podcasts can be listened to pretty much anywhere, whether that be on your daily commute, in the shower, while you workout, essentially during times when you miss out on studying. Turn this wasted time into something productive by expanding your podcast library.

The Educational Ones

There are strictly educational podcasts out there, such as the science based ones, literacy based ones, maths ones just to name a few.

These can be helpful in explaining concepts in your subjects from a different perspective. They might also simply reinforce your understanding or grasp of an idea, as well as point you in some good directions for your assessments. Nothing quite like an awesome addition to your reference list.

Some suggestions I have found include ‘The Secrets of Mathematics’ by Oxford University or ‘Food and Sustainable Agriculture’ by Yale School of Forestry.

The Learn Something New Ones

You don’t just want to add the education podcasts though. That could get a bit boring sometimes and lead you away from podcasts. Naturally, there are many interesting podcasts out there for you to discover.

One of these that I have found very interesting are zoology and maths podcasts such as ‘Science Education’ by Lawrence Levison.

Alternatively, a lot of social media influencers have episodes on certain social topics such as climate change, economy, religion, politics, television, entertainment and law. These could be a great addition to your own personal development on whatever topic interests you.

It may also provide you with some interesting conversation starters with your peers. See ‘Here’s the Thing’ by Alec Baldwin.

The Interview Ones

Last but not least, there are podcasts which are essentially interviews with experts in varying fields of study. Some podcast playlists are entirely interviews focused on the environment, others on scientific inventions such as ‘Check out Future of Agriculture’ by Tim Hammerich.

Podcasts are the new YouTube, there’s content for everyone! And the best thing about it… its all FREE!

Happy listening!

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