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Clothes Hacks for Students

Clothes Hacks for Students

Clothing racks
Clothing racks

Sometimes you might be accident prone, unlucky with keeping clothes in good condition or just terribly clumsy. I possibly am all three… hence, I have put together this list for you all so that you can save a dollar or two but still mend that jacket you went hiking in.

Skirts or jeans just seem that little bit too long?

Use your excellent sewing skills to hem them! Or if you’re like me… grab a hot glue gun and get to work. 

Leave a tissue in your pocket? 

Grab a razor and scrape the “fluff” off your clothes, no need for a lint roller!

Don’t have an iron? 

I’ve gotcha covered. How bout a straightening iron or even… a shower?

Use a hair straightener to smooth out the crooked collar and larger wrinkles on your clothes. If you’re fond of hot showers, you can try a different method by hanging your shirts on the shower rod and letting the steam “iron” them for you. Just be careful where you point that shower head!

Got some makeup on your clothes? 

Grab some shaving spray and go to town on the stain. Let it soak in a little bit and wash thoroughly. 

Shoes seem to have shrunk a little?

Take a freezer bag and fill with water. Place inside shoe and stick in the freezer, the expanding water as it freezes will get that shoe back to a Cinderella fit. 

Your tights catch on something?

Use clear nail polish to stop the ladder from ascending or descending at astounding speeds. And while you have that bottle of clear nail polish out, why not use it to stop a loose button falling off till you get the time to sew it properly or …ya know…. give it to your mum. 

Shoes gettin’ a bit too potent? 

Stick them in the freezer to get rid of unwanted odours. This also works well with clothes, just make sure to bag them first. 

Summer sweat stains on your white tops? 

Spritz some lemon juice on them, wash in bleach and air dry for lemon fresh, white as snow, shirts!

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