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Cooking on a budget

Trying to save funds and minimise wasting money on food can be a tricky balance. After sharing her cheap and easy meals, Grace Carpenter shares how she cooks on a budget.

Cheap and easy meals for students

Written by Grace Carpenter Finding cheap meals to make isn’t easy as a university student! For those like me, who didn’t cook much before they moved out of home, it’s especially difficult to find something easy to make without...

Easy meals to cook living on campus over summer

Easy meals to cook living on campus over summer

Cooking for yourself throughout the uni year can be super repetitive. Let’s be real, you get lazy and end up having leftovers or spaghetti bolognese for the hundredth time. To help make your summer dorm experience feel a little bit more festive...

Dormitory friendly cooking: croutons for salads

When someone mentions proper diet and healthy eating, the go-to food is always a salad. It is nutritious, fast to make and can have endless variety. Salads are also great for on-the-go university students. After all, keeping on top of healthy eating...

Easy meals for on-campus living

Easy meals for on-campus living

Living on-campus can be a stressful time; sometimes the pressure of having multiple assignments due at once, internships, sport and social events can be enough to cause a bit of a meltdown! To make your nights a bit easier and take one extra thing...

Winter warmers on a budget

With the cooler weather well and truly upon us, there is nothing better than a big bowl of comfort food after a day’s study. Soups, casseroles and pasta dishes become a winter staple and the best bit is, they are not only good for your soul but also...

students cooking at home

Quick and easy fail-proof dinner ideas

by Loren Howarth After a long day at uni you’re probably feeling hungry, but also don’t want make a mess in the kitchen (because you don’t want to clean up). Don’t worry though, these recipes are cheap, simple and taste pretty good...

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