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Dormitory friendly cooking: croutons for salads

Dormitory friendly cooking: croutons for salads

When someone mentions proper diet and healthy eating, the go-to food is always a salad. It is nutritious, fast to make and can have endless variety.

Salads are also great for on-the-go university students. After all, keeping on top of healthy eating whilst away from home and in residence life can become a chore.

Although two-minute noodles can be made from the comfort of one’s room, they can only be eaten so many times before you start getting sick of them.

Thankfully, Charles Sturt University’s on campus accommodation has wonderful kitchens that can be put to use!

There are restraints with cooking in a shared kitchen (such as having to wait for other people to finish their cooking). This is why fast and easy healthy options are brilliant and why salads are the perfect go-to.

So, check out my recipe for turning good salad into a great salad by making croutons!

It’s a simple trick that gives salads extra flavour and texture, plus it only takes 20 minutes and an oven to make.

The recipe


  • Sourdough bread (or another similar style of bread)
  • Canola oil
  • Any herbs as desired (optional)


Step 1: Preheat the oven to 160°c.

Step 2: Slice the sourdough bread, one slice can serve between one to two people.

Step 3: Cut a slice of the sourdough bread into small crouton-sized cubes, place the cubes spread out on an oven tray.

Step 4: Cover the sourdough cubes in canola oil (tip: cooking spray cans of canola oil make this step faster and easier). The amount of oil used depends on the size of the cubes.

Step 5 (optional): Sprinkle a pinch of any desired herbs (such as rosemary, oregano and basil) on the oil-covered sourdough.

Step 6: Place the prepared sourdough in the oven.

Step 7: Leave for 10-15 minutes, until they’re the desired texture.

Step 8: Use the croutons in a salad or store them for later use.

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