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5 renting hacks for uni students

Charlie contributor, Charlotte Penhall, just moved in to her first rental property. Read her top tips and advice for uni students ready to make that move...

Fares Allowance – don’t miss this one!

Remember that time Centrelink paid for you to travel home for the holidays? Or to that compulsory res school in Wagga Wagga? No? Well sit tight, you might be eligible for help with travel costs with a Fares Allowance! If you are receiving Youth...

Spring clean your finances

Spring has just arrived, the days are getting longer and now is the perfect time to find a quiet place in the sun and sort out your finances. CSU’s Student Liaison Officer (Finance) has some useful tips to get your finances in order:

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Six tips to prepare for the cost of uni

With Orientation upon us and the start of a brand new academic year, the time is ripe to lock down your budget. This will help you go forward confident you’ve made every effort to take the financial stress out of studying. Here are our six top...

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Budgeting tips for the holidays

Wouldn’t it be nice if the holidays came free? No expensive plane tickets, no $80 per Christmas present for everyone in the family, and no limits on food or fun… one can only dream. So, how can we survive the summer break without being completely...

Tips for life on a budget Part 3: Life

Once you’ve taken care of your daily nutrition and transport needs, it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved break from study! University can be busy enough without having to worry about the costs of staying alive, but staying alive is...

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