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Tips for life on a budget Part 3: Life

Tips for life on a budget Part 3: Life

Once you’ve taken care of your daily nutrition and transport needs, it’s time to give yourself a well-deserved break from study!

University can be busy enough without having to worry about the costs of staying alive, but staying alive is essential in order for you to be able to continue attending uni!

To save on living costs:

  • get a part-time job. Find a job that can help you make extra cash, but that you can manage along with your studies. Don’t bite off more than you can chew
  • don’t fall into the credit trap. As much as you can, use debit cards. Credit cards run the risk of you very easily falling into debt you might not be able to repay
  • keep up-to-date with bills and payments. Paying bills is less fun than it sounds, so find some motivation to help with this – like rewarding yourself when your bills are paid on time
  • make use of vouchers and deals. They’re a great way of saving money by spending money. Vouchers in free catalogues or from loyalty cards are an excellent way of saving cash on everyday purchases, especially groceries and other essentials
  • bargain shop. Remember you can buy practically anything in existence for ridiculously low prices at shops such as Kmart and the Reject Shop. Put your shop-pride aside and use the charm of discount variety stories to fulfil all your interior decorating, gardening, party-throwing, snacking and present-buying impulses
  • find free activities. When you need a break from campus, try to find cheap or free places to spend an afternoon. Consider local gardens and parks, or check what other free activities could be on offer in your campus city. Student discounts are often available at entertainment facilities including cinemas and local clubs.
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