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How to do nothing

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking: “Uh, I’m pretty much an expert at that already, thanks; I happen to be doing nothing right now, instead of studying”. But did you know that doing nothing is actually really good for you? And also, you’re reading –...

Keep your brain sharp over summer

by Jenna Verhoeven If you’re lucky enough to have no classes over summer, don’t go putting your brain into hibernation just yet! It may end up being harder to return to study in Session 1, so here’s how you can keep your brain...

apple and mandarine in front of food book

What foods can you eat to improve your memory?

Unless you’ve got a photographic memory, it’s pretty normal to forget things after hours of study. Perhaps it’s a concept you can’t quite wrap your head around, or maybe you need to create mnemonic devices to help you...

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