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Stages of leaving assignments to the last minute

We all have those moments of leaving assignments to the last minute because they slowly creep up on us when really, we just forgot about them. I’m the same and old habits are hard to change. So, here are my top shameful but truthful stages of...

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Seven ways to study more effectively

As uni students, our lives are full of deadlines. Assignment deadlines, exam deadlines, census date deadlines. When you’re studying, remembering what you’ve learnt in order to effectively meet these deadlines means fitting study into your...

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Tips to get you through yet another year

by Amy Carlon For those students already stressing about session one (where did the holidays go?) and for the overly organised like myself, here are a few ways to organise your work load for uni. These are just a few things I do to make sure I’m...

Group work etiquette

Most degrees these days encompass at least some element of group work; this form of learning allows a team to share a hefty workload whilst developing communication and interpersonal team work skills. Whilst the concept of dividing one assessment...

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