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Free resources to help boost your assignments

Free resources to help boost your assignments

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Every now and again we’re faced with an assessment with elements that make us feel like a fish out of water.

It could be unfamiliar programs we need to use, supporting resources we don’t know how to find (or have the time to) or a simple lack of confidence.

Below is a list of useful resources that I have come back to time and again for inspiration and guidance when working through assessments.

LinkedIn Learning

One major benefit of studying at Charles Sturt University is free access to LinkedIn Learning, a professional education platform offering video courses in the fields of business, technology and creativity.

Here, you can develop a wide range of assessment boosting skills from effective communication and public speaking skills through to creating masterful PowerPoint presentations. Study and learning development courses are also available, offering tips and guidance toward improving focus, memory, time management and finessing your study regime to name a few.

Creative Market

This online marketplace is a one stop shop for sourcing creative digital goods for any project in need of visual aid. Here you can source unique fonts, illustrations, photos, templates, add-ons, icons and other graphics.

Setting up an account gives you access to six free assets a week for non-commercial use. I find these are worth downloading and having on standby for future projects that may require additional “flair”.


This is another free resource offered by Charles Sturt University, operating in partnership with the Academic Skills team. Here you can submit your assignment draft online for review and feedback from a writing professional before formally submitting it for marking.

The turnaround is approximately twenty-four hours and each student is entitled to five interactions per session.

Creative Commons

In a nutshell, Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organisation offering free copyright licensing and sharing tools for those who wish to offer their creative work and knowledge to the public under chosen conditions.

The website offers a search page which will direct you to other platforms such as YouTube, Pixabay and Google where you can find images, videos, music and other media that are available for free use under a Creative Commons licence. Some of these licences come with specific conditions about how the work can be used so always read the fine print.

Unsplash and Pixabay

If all you need is photo content, you can head straight to Unsplash, which provides free high resolution downloads of images from a broad range of categories. Pixabay works in much the same way, only with the addition of videos, illustrations and graphics. There is no requirement to sign up to or create an account for either platform.

In each instance you have the option to attribute artists, however it is not mandatory.

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