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Setting up the perfect study space

Setting up the perfect study space

Some people can study in mall, bar, anywhere at all! Choosing a place that works for you is crucial to a productive study session, so here’s my how-to:

Choose a spot.

The first step to setting up your perfect study space is to choose the spot!

Do you have a study room? If not, find somewhere with a solid table and comfortable chair. Preferably somewhere distant from the kitchen noise and away from the distractions of the living room.

Make sure there is proper lighting where you study.

This will keep your eyes from being damaged and tired from all the computer and laptop use.


Big or small, it doesn’t really matter. Make sure you have a calendar on your desk or against the wall and have important dates written on it.

You can add in social dates for something to look forward to and see it as a reward after all your hard work!

Clutter-free zone.

Only have things that you will need on your desk. Do not have unnecessary items such as random toys, makeup or anything else that you wouldn’t be using to study.

It would also be useful to just have the textbook that you need for the day, other subjects can cause distractions too!


It would be nice to have your goals and motivating quotes stuck on your calendar or anywhere in front of you to keep yourself reminded of why you are doing what you are doing.


Do not use this space for anything else apart from studying, so you don’t mentally associate this with other activities.

Stick to your schedule and be in your study space for your allocated time.

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