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Tips for full time work while studying

Tips for full time work while studying

Handling a full-time job while studying can be quite difficult and this is the situation that most of us are in right now.

So, here are a few tips to tackle the difficulties of the employee/student life that we are all in!

Calendars and reminders:

These are your best friends. Once you know when all of your exams and assessments are, make sure that you set reminders not just on the due dates but as well as a few ‘heads up’ reminders.

This way you are aware of what’s coming up and can plan out the amount of time that you need in order to do well.

This will also keep you from making social plans on dates that you should be studying!

Keep your employers up to date:

Make sure that you give your employers an early notice whenever you need the extra time to study because this WILL happen.

If you need to work more on other days to make up for it, keep track of you schedule so you don’t suffocate yourself with all of the business!

5am club:

Join this now! Wake up as early as you can to study. Productivity in the morning is unbelievable.

You will be the only one awake so no one will be distracting you from your studies and really what else will you be doing at 5am but study?

Sleep early:

Parallel to waking up early in the morning, make sure you sleep early as well.

This will ensure the safety of your health. Make sure that you are well rested before facing your next challenge!

Study space:

Having a place just for studying is important. A clean table facing away from TV would do!

Face it against the wall if you can. This way you will not be distracted whenever you are studying.

Also make sure that your phone is nowhere near your study space whenever you are in it.

Me moments:

Have a few hours per day just for yourself. Read a book unrelated to your studies, work out, go for a walk or just nap.

Do something that you enjoy for these few moments to keep your sanity!

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