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This is your sign to declutter your wardrobe

This is your sign to declutter your wardrobe


Charles Sturt on-campus student Mikayla Howard shares how to glow up your closet with simple and affordable storage hacks.

Written by Mikayla Howard

Whether you are making the big move to on-campus living or if you are already living on campus, now is the perfect time for a closet declutter!

I have been living on campus for the past 12 months and would love to let you in on some of my top tips and tricks to declutter and organise your wardrobe!

For those of you moving into uni accommodation for 2024 my best piece of advice is to make sure you are organised.

I was super worried about the size of the wardrobe in my on-campus room; however I can now safely say with some good organisation and planning, there is more than enough room!

On-campus wardrobe.
On-campus wardrobe

A trip to Kmart is a must when planning how to organise your wardrobe. I bought some small storage baskets which were absolutely perfect to fold clothes in and sit on the built in shelves.

I also purchased a small, super light chest of drawers to put inside my actual wardrobe which gave me so much more storage and was great for things like socks and underwear!

I always had room to spare in my wardrobe because I was very particular when I was deciding what clothes to take with me.

Kmart storage basket set up.
The small chest of drawers which I placed inside the wardrobe.

For example, I picked out exact outfits and coordinated them with the seasons.

There is no need to bring all your winter clothes when you first move into your room…it would just take up too much space!

I suggest leaving the majority of your winter clothes at home for the first session and then swap them out for your summer clothes during mid-session break.

However, if leaving clothes at home is not an option for you, underbed storage tubs are super handy!

You could store your winter clothes in them during summer and vice versa during winter.

If you’re already living on campus, I also have some tips to help with organisation and decluttering.

There is an old trick which I think is so helpful when doing a closet declutter.

Mikayla Howard

All you have to do is at the start of the year, turn all of your clothes hangers, so they all face the one direction.

Every time you wear something you need to put it back in the wardrobe BUT with the hanger facing the opposite direction.

Then at the end of the year, if there are still clothes on the hangers facing the original direction, these are the items that you should consider culling!!

Also, if you haven’t already implemented some storage and space saving techniques, I definitely recommend you get yourself some storage baskets and storage tubs for under your bed…they are seriously a game changer!

Happy decluttering!

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