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International Students Day

International Students Day


International Students Day is celebrated on the 17th of November every year. Today we celebrate the diversity of our educational community. Current Charles Sturt Nursing student Tharuka Dakshini talks about her educational journey.

Written by Tharuka Dakshini

Hi I’m Tharuka Dakshini, one of the international students studying on Bathurst campus. Currently I’m studying Nursing as a second year student and I am very much enjoying my studying journey so far.

I came to Australia from Sri Lanka in 2022 and I think choosing Australia and Charles Sturt University as my education pathway is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Before coming to Australia I actually did a lot of research because it was an important decision that I was making for my future.

Tharuka Dakshini

I found out that nursing programs in Australia were ideal for my needs as an international student.

Australia consistently maintains the highest standards in subject content, materials, and teaching strategies, as well as producing the best passing percentages and results around the globe consecutively.

Students following nursing in Australia are exposed to on-campus theory combined with stimulation activities that take place during the medical training. Charles Sturt provides a welcoming atmosphere for international students with plenty of different study options to choose from.

Tharuka in her Charles Sturt Nursing gear!

This promotes the opportunity to work hard as well as enjoy leisurely activities, the cities are safe and ideal for international students, there is cultural diversity, pleasant outdoors and rare wildlife. Most importantly, the affordable tuition fees are a big support with the current cost of living.

While searching for universities to study, my Aunt who lives in Australia mentioned Charles Sturt University.

I started to contact the university and get to know more information from them. Charles Sturt offers officially recognised higher education degrees such as pre-bachelors degrees, bachelors degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees in several areas of study are offered.

As per facilities and services, students are allowed to use libraries, accommodation, sports facilities, financial aid, study abroad, academic counselling, and career services.

Additionally, distance learning promoted by online classrooms is available with the use of advanced technology.

Tharuka and fellow Charles Sturt students.

Predominantly in the Bachelor of Nursing program, the working environment inside the university is pleasant with a variety of reasonable assessments for learning methodologies.

Through practical sessions and other live sessions, students are given a profound insight to build personalities with a balanced lifestyle not only with theoretical knowledge.

Specifically, Charles Sturt is known to offer nursing students on time placements with no delays that align with the students needs, ensuring the students gain the best experience on placement.

In addition, around one hundred scholarships are given to students in Charles Sturt University or by the government and other industries.

When I came to Australia in July 2022, I actually faced a lot of difficulties in leaving my family behind in Sri Lanka and coming to a new country with a totally different environment.

Homesickness, was one of the major difficulties I faced.

I still remember on the first few weeks that I was here it was like a nightmare. I could hear my mother’s voice when I woke up in the morning and throughout the day it was really hard.

Adjusting myself to the new environment, making new friends, getting to know about the technology here, adjusting myself to the education system and the climate were really hard changes.

Tharuka & friends.

I have to mention that along my journey so far, there’s one person who helped me a lot in coping with most of my difficulties. Not only for me, she’s like a mother for all the international students on the Bathurst campus – Catherine Buttsworth, our International Student Officer.

The support given to international students by our university is immense.

They have organised us cultural events, parties, quick gatherings to talk about our mental health, and asking how we are doing and searching for our difficulties individually was a huge support.

Because of all of these I’m doing well in my studies and I have got a very good group of friends around me and very supportive lecturers who care about me.

I think I actually made the best decision in my life coming to Australia and coming to Charles Sturt University – it’s like a dream come true.

Tharuka Dakshini & friends.

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