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Sustainable Living: Introduction

Sustainable Living: Introduction

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We know that human activity is leading to a lot of environmental damage on a global scale. What’s worse, a lot of what we do might not necessarily impact us, but impacts other communities that aren’t responsible for the actions.

Their quality of life is diminishing due to our society’s throw away culture and consumerist mentality. You’ve heard it all before and you’ve seen how it all just seems to get worse. Is the problem too big for us to solve?

Suggested solutions are expensive, too expensive for students at least. Organic or locally sourced products are three times the price of products sourced internationally. So is it only the wealthy people that can make a change?

I’ve thought about all of this and almost bought into the concept that the problem is much bigger than the solution. The way the media seems to portray it, someone with very little spare time and very little spare money is useless to the cause.

But then I found… the One Planet Living Framework. I like to call it the framework of the future.

One Planet Living shows us how to have safe, sustainable lives in harmony with each other and the natural resources we need without using exorbitant amounts of money and time. The framework is put together by Bioregional and has been adopted by people and villages across the globe, proving that it actually works. 

In the following series of articles, I am going to tell you how you can make a difference, how you can make a change and see the results in your community immediately. It will save you money rather than make you spend it, it will give you more free time, not less.

I won’t give you vague generalisations on things you can do, I’ll give you the specific Australian examples. The advice will be based on the One Planet Living framework and the work of environmentalists, permaculture consultants and sustainable living experts across Australia. 

We only have One Planet and one life, shouldn’t we use them both well? Stay tuned for the advice articles!

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