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CSU students jumping for joy at an overseas study program

Sustainable Living: Introduction

We know that human activity is leading to a lot of environmental damage on a global scale. What’s worse, a lot of what we do might not necessarily impact us, but impacts other communities that aren’t responsible for the actions. Their quality of...

Teenager writing in journal outside.

Getting outside for Charles Sturt’s Foundation Day

Charles Sturt University’s Foundation Day is coming up on the 19th of July, and as Australia’s first carbon-neutral University, Charles Sturt is a great example to us on how to live sustainably in union with our beautiful Australian landscape...

How to Celebrate World Environment Day From Home on June 5th

World Environment Day! June 5th is the time to celebrate our wonderful planet full of wonderful people, plants and animals! Generally one could go on a hike or go camping, go swimming or some other activity in the great outdoors but due to COVID-19...

Enviro-Friendly Beauty Products

Good beauty products tend to be quite expensive and many are full of chemicals that are bad for your skin. This is not to mention all that plastic packaging and shipping that doesn’t do the environment any good. Here are some alternative products...

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