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How to Celebrate World Environment Day From Home on June 5th

How to Celebrate World Environment Day From Home on June 5th

World Environment Day! June 5th is the time to celebrate our wonderful planet full of wonderful people, plants and animals! Generally one could go on a hike or go camping, go swimming or some other activity in the great outdoors but due to COVID-19 restrictions, I would like to offer you some fun alternative celebrations to do from home.

Watch some movies

Movies are a great way to celebrate World Environment Day. Sit down and appreciate nature through cinematic art. A documentary is a great thing to learn about the world while also witnessing amazing natural landscapes and the behaviour of animals we’d never get to see without the hard work of environmental scientists.

Here are some suggestions for nature movies: Into the Wild, Dancing with the Birds, Chasing Coral, The Lorax, Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, 127 Hours, 8 Below, Tracks or Free Willy.

Play some games

Games can be fun to play with family or friends but also be productive for the environment. So here are some ideas!

  • Environmental trivia: make some cards of wildlife facts, flora facts, ecosystem facts, any facts about the big wide world.
  • Animal charades: great for the kids to play too, make a stack of cards with animal species on it and act it out. First team to get to 10 wins!
  • Make seed bombs: look up some instructions on the net and the first person to finish their seed bomb wins, now go out and throw it to plant some oxygen machines!
  • Make a product out of something from the trash: this one’s kinda self explanatory, get into teams of two and the first person to make a viable product out of the trash wins! 

Change your little habits

Lifestyle changes are the best way to celebrate World Environment Day purely because you’re helping the environment. You can maybe adopt an eco-friendly habit for a year or do some research on a controversial environmental topic.

Perhaps you can try fixing electronic items before replacing them or try buying less clothes and looking up creative ways to re-invent them. My personal favourite is to try making your own eco-friendly cleaning products out of essential oils rather than buying harsh chemicals.

Happy World Environment Day, I hope the sky is blue, the birds are chirping and you’re loving the fresh air!

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