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8 ways to enjoy a sustainable Christmas

Christmas is coming up faster than we could have imagined! This can be an exciting time filled with family, friends and fun however, is often coupled with lavish meals and gifts with wasted food, unwanted presents and a lot of unnecessary packaging...

Get involved this National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week is also the chance to take a look at things such as food waste in your household, especially considering each year Australians waste around 7.6 million tonnes of food across supply and consumption.

Move out food donation scheme

The Wagga residence community in conjunction with Sustainability at Charles Sturt are aiming to donate leftover goods amongst residences to two charities to minimise the general wastage at the end of the year going into landfill.

Port Macquarie’s campus green thumb

Written by Sarah Buls On Wednesday 27 April the sustainability group in Port Macquarie ran a tree planting day. In the lead-up to the day the weather looked bleak and miserable, but when we all got together the sun shone brightly. With our old...

Meet our Sustainability Student Advisers

Are you interested in how we, as students, can be more sustainable? Do you have some sustainability initiatives you would like to discuss? Our 2022 Sustainability Student Advisers are here to help! So why do we have Sustainability Student Advisers...

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