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Meet our Sustainability Student Advisers

Are you interested in how we, as students, can be more sustainable? Do you have some sustainability initiatives you would like to discuss? Our 2022 Sustainability Student Advisers are here to help! So why do we have Sustainability Student Advisers...

Charles Sturt student, Bria Aplin, embraces Earth Hour

The last Earth Hour I celebrated with my family, we pulled out the candles and played a board game outside with a fire. I often look back at that night with fond memories, the time we all put our phones down and turned off the lights. It reminded me...

Recycling on campus and beyond

  On average every year 67 tonnes of waste is created in Australia. Of that only 37 tonnes of waste is properly recycled. This statistic is due to our population not knowing how to properly recycle. If more people knew what can be recycled and...

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