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Sustainable Living: Do It From Home

We have looked at supporting wisely, i.e., spending your money locally and researching before you buy as part of living a happier and more sustainable life and now it is time for Part 2. We are now going to look at how you can grow and use things...

CSU students jumping for joy at an overseas study program

Sustainable Living: Introduction

We know that human activity is leading to a lot of environmental damage on a global scale. What’s worse, a lot of what we do might not necessarily impact us, but impacts other communities that aren’t responsible for the actions. Their quality of...

Ryan bends down to pick up a pile of recycling

The importance of recycling (properly)

As ongoing drought, savage bushfires, dry lightning and consequential loss of life, property and air quality devastates Australia, the issue of climate change has well and truly taken centre stage. While impactful solutions have faced ongoing...

5 ways to live more eco-friendly

The world has adopted a consumerist lifestyle in which we only think about ourselves and material goods. People across the world are attempting to break this social mindset by offering us eco-friendly electrical devices, promoting recycling and...

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