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Does Walking Improve Studying Efficiency?

Does Walking Improve Studying Efficiency?

Walking is beneficial for a number of reasons. Going for a walk can improve mental health, your wellbeing and assist with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When you are studying for long hours, it seems easy to just grab a bite to eat for a quick energy boost, whether it be those lollies, cakes or sugary drinks, and this goes the same for coffee! Instead, if you are looking to boost your efficiency and productivity it’s better to go for a walk, instead of consuming more food or caffeine.

Developing Walking Habits

It sounds so simple but how do we start walking regularly? With any new habit, by turning it into a routine which requires persistence and motivation.

So when you set up your study schedule, work on having little breaks during moments where you feel that you most likely to start procrastinating, when you start noticing you are checking Facebook or YouTube a little more often than usual.

Improve Efficiency = Feel the Benefits

There are other benefits to walking that will have a knock-on effect to your studying efficiency. This includes feeling more confident and energetic which means you will start increasingly feeling less tense and more relaxed. So next time you are feeling overwhelmed by work, life or study, take a walk and this will help your efficiency in other areas of life.

If walking is something you find hard to do, try inserting it into your daily life. Take a moment from studying, go outside and take a tea break or whilst at work go outside and have lunch. These small moments will help you start to find the joy and benefits in walking.

Walking leads to Creativity

Stuck on coming up with a creative solution to a problem? Walking will also improve your learning, memory and cognitive functions.

Walking helps free your mind and puts you in a better mood that will help you come up with better solutions to problems that you may otherwise not have developed otherwise. Try taking a walk before your next study session and see the benefits for yourself!

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