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Holiday Destination in Focus: Darwin

Holiday Destination in Focus: Darwin

With a couple of weeks before the start of semester 1 for 2020, why not continue that travel bug while you’ve got time and visit an underrated part of Australia.

Here is part four of our holiday destination in focus: Darwin.

This capital city is home to massive parks, popular beaches, and museums with extraordinary Southeast Asian and Pacific art.

Tiwi Island ~ Island of Smiles

Take a trip across the water and visit the Tiwi Island which is also known as the Island of Smiles.  With thriving Aboriginal Arts Culture and coastal landscapes with breathtaking sunsets, this is a destination like no other.

Go on a number of cultural and wildlife tours learning about the land, animals and culture. The Tiwi people are well-known for their art, which hangs in galleries all around the world. Visit an art gallery or museum and you may get the chance to meet with the artists, see them paint and learn the story behind their distinctive works.

National Parks

Two National Parks are nestled either side of Darwin. These are a must see for anyone looking for adventure.

The Mary River National Park, located just 150km east of Darwin is a haven for wildlife watchers and fishers. The park’s rivers, billabongs and wetlands are home to enormous groups of birdlife and saltwater crocodiles in the state.

There are a number of different cruises, guided tours and fishing charters for if you prefer group activities. Otherwise, for independent travellers there are viewing platforms for crocodile spotting and wildlife watching.

The Litchfield National Park contains unique spring-fed water holes and waterfalls. There are viewing platforms and lookouts offering views of the park. For campers there are a number of accessible campsites accessible on foot. So set up camp and take a swim!

For Kids

There are plenty of activities for the kids to keep them entertained throughout the trip! The Wave Lagoon at the Darwin Waterfront Precinct is enjoyable for kids of all ages. Containing a huge pool to ride artificial swells on tubes and boogie boards is a sure hit for the kids. There are shallow water play areas for toddlers as well.

In the suburbs of Leanyer and Palmerston there are recreation parks that have water slides, water play equipment, playgrounds and a skate park. Free entertainment is available at these sites so the kids can play whilst you sit back and relax.

For the Foodies

To conclude any trip do not forget the satisfying food scene at Darwin. Book a table at one of the many waterfront restaurants and enjoy the scenery before heading home.

Come back refreshed ready to tackle the new semester!

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