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10 skills to learn in your free time

10 skills to learn in your free time

It’s always fun to have a party trick up your sleeve or something to help pass your time.

Here are my favourite easy skills that you can master over summer and use for life, even impress a friend or two along the way!

1. Piano

Learn to play a new song on the piano. Online you can find a whole range of songs, some even with tutorials, varying at levels of difficulty and genre.

A bonus to playing musical instruments is that they have been proven to improve brain activity and memory strength.

2. Pen twirls

If you’re someone who fidgets but is over the whole fidget spinner movement, then finger twirling your pens and pencils could help you put your restlessness at ease. Plus, it looks pretty cool!

3. Hula hooping

This is a skill I am yet to master, however it looks very impressive once you get there!

It is also considered one of the best ways of exercising and improving your flexibility.

4. Card throwing

Inspired by Jack Wilder of Now You See Me. Grab a pack of cards and learn to throw them through shapes and doing twirls in the air.

5. Basic magic tricks

This is fun and entertaining! Learn some fundamental magic tricks, even if it’s only to keep your nieces and nephews thinking of you as their favourite.

6. Whistle with your fingers

Nothing can get you more attention than that ear shattering whistle that you hear at any event ever.

Might help you round up the dogs a bit faster too.

7. Juggle

Embrace your inner circus performer! Despite it being a fairly common skill, you can always learn to juggle faster, better and with more creative objects.

8. Periodic table

Especially if you’re a science student, reciting the entire periodic table by heart could be useful not only to show off, but for exams and assignments.

9. Napkin origami

There are countless occasions when this could come in handy – family dinners, graduation parties, conferences, or just a night out with friends.

Turn a napkin into a swan and you’ve instantly impressed your date!

10. Dance move

It could be a hip hop move, the shuffle dance or a swing dance step, and you can shine in the club, at the next wedding reception or bush dance.

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